Advantages of living in Portugal

It is the dream of many Brazilians to move abroad, and according to surveys one of the most sought after countries by Brazilians is Portugal. Even with all this popularity of the country, doubts arise, is it really a good country? How does education work? What is the cost of living?

Today we will be showing all the advantages and disadvantages of living in Portugal, as well as tips on cities and some differences that they have between Brazil. Surveys point to Portugal as the fourth safest country in the world, it is one of the things that most attract the attention of Brazilians.

The risks of robberies are very low regardless of the time of day. They also have a well-structured public transport system, which also serves those who do not have personal transport, which is not necessary, as public transport in Portugal is very efficient and of excellent quality.

Important tips

When we move to another country, the cost of living is always worrying, but it can be said that Portugal has a much lower cost of living than Brazil. Of course, it depends from person to person, but the biggest cost becomes the rent, but clothes and food are much cheaper. Also remembering that in relation to health, in Portugal the service is free until the age of 18 and after that age only a few fees are charged.

Points to watch out for

Another strong point in Portugal is education. In addition to being free, it is of high quality and incredibly Portuguese teachers and students are encouraged to include foreigners. The educational system is divided into four phases. Being them:

  • Kindergarten: for babies from 3 years old.
  • Basic education: for children from 6 years old.
  • Secondary education: very similar to Brazil, after completing this phase, students can enter universities.
  • Graduation: also similar to the Brazilian graduation, it has three types, licentiate, master and doctorate.

Now let’s leave some tips on cities that improve your quality of life in Portugal, check them out below:

  • Porto;
  • Aveiro;
  • Lisboa;
  • Coimbra;
  • Braga;
  • Faro;
  • Setúbal;
  • Sintra;

After all that has been seen, there are only a few requirements left to live in Portugal, the main thing would be to apply for a visa for the country that is made together with the Embassy and Consulate of Portugal right here in Brazil.

Portugal, as we can see, is a country that has several benefits for foreigners, quality of life, security, and a country that is motivated to encourage foreigners to know and live its culture.

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