International Bank refused your credit card application? know why


Why did Banco Inter refuse my credit card application? Check what are the reasons for this to happen and how to solve it.

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Many people have a desire to have a credit card with a good limit. And while it sounds simple, it’s not always easy to achieve. Every day, customers at every bank complain that their credit card application was refused. Or even your limit increase request.

But in the end, why does this happen? In the case of some of Banco Inter, the institution gave hints of what may be behind the decision. So, to find out, check it out below.

Why does Banco Inter order my credit card order?

Thus, according to Banco Inter, the main concern is in relation to the financial control of its customers.

“Sometimes “giving credit” can seem like a super advantage, but it can also operate part of an income that is still under construction. And we don’t want this for our customers”, says the institution on the official website.”

With this, the idea is that, soon, for the release of credit. In the case of credit analysis, it works like this: when you open your digital account and access the cards area, you know the pre-approved credit limit available to you, you can enable the credit card and start using it.

But, this limit is released only after consulting your data at the Central Bank and credit agencies, such as SPC and Serasa. In addition, those who do not find this limit already in the first use of the Digital Account, can request the release of the credit card again. Therefore, Banco Inter’s system checks once more those more complete data, performing well and complex analyses.

The terms, according to Banco Inter, are having an up-to-date financial life; o Credit rating with a high rating (preferably above 700); and also has a good relationship with the institution. Of course, the ideal is that you are not with a negative name, this can really make it difficult for you to access your Banco Inter credit card.


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