Many financial institutions refuse credit cards because of the negative. This causes frustration to increase with each rejected request. After all, this means of payment is becoming more and more elementary in everyday life.

Did you know that this refusal is not always for the same reason?

It is true! This doesn’t mean that all your credit cards will be declined if you have a dirty name in the field. With that in mind, we created a list that can help you find a way out.

The BMG Card is one of the first credit card options for negatives that we will point out in this content. As the name suggests, this is a BMG Bank deductible credit card. As it is a payroll-deductible card, we have already pointed out that it is not available to the general public. They must be pensioners, INSS pensioners or civil servants.

In addition, the client must receive at least a monthly minimum wage. Payment is deducted directly from the payroll and the customer can shop normally. Whether in person, online, in Brazil or abroad.

Therefore, you will have the emancipation to opt for this credit card for negative that makes more content for you. Come on?

How to choose the best credit document for a negative person?

  • Best credit card for negative (consigned) BMG Card
  • Consignado Best credit document for negative (prepaid) Mercado Pago
  • Best prestige card for negatives with accessible tables Inter Payroll Card

The choice of the surety card for those who are negative must be made with the same criteria as the others. That is, evaluating the possible costs of the characteristic and, of course, its benefits. Therefore, make a list of characteristics that the credit document needs to have and that are precious to you, such as:

  • not copular annuity billing;
  • have a good end of credit;
  • available fame modalities;
  • need to recharge;
  • fees for its use, such as intervention of withdrawals;
  • flag;
  • permission for use in foreign area or in international e-commerces;
  • allow payment of other invoices;
  • have a lower income rate than the competition;
  • allow participation in planning of script or special advantages;
  • having other divine assistance that facilitate its use, such as the contacless, which is knowledge that allows repayment by approach, offer of changeable for managing the making etc;

After listing your personal insights, just compare the alternatives available for your trait and make the right preference. It’s good to remember that with the season of conscious use, your credit expiration and commercial levies may improve. Be it with your current financial foundation, be your credit score in the market!

It’s the romance policies and its considered credit change of posture and becoming increasingly imagined to new modalities and limits, so be careful! More excellent than getting the credit document, it is wisdom to use it correctly.

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