XP Shell Box Card offers 10% cashback. See how to order yours

The XP Visa Infinite card with Investback announced a new partnership with the Shell Box system that will generate 10% investback. See below.

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How to use a partnership?

In view of this, you will be able to fill up at stations with a Shell brand that had the Caixa de Conchas to have a 10% return on Investback. That means 10% of your costs will be returned to you. The promotion is valid until next Sunday, July 03, 2022.

  • Within the application, a map is available for consultation that will show the nearest accredited Shell station to you;

  • Before filling up, tell the attendant that you will pay directly for the XP app;
  • Then enter the code that is next to the fuel pump;

  • Supply part and finishing spirit;
  • Confirm the purchase summary and make the payment through the app.

If you want to have the XP card with investback, understand that it is very simple. The bank will make some requirements for the customer’s profile. See what they are below:

  • First: having an account with XP Investimentos;

  • Second: have at least BRL 5,000 invested;

  • Go through a credit review.

Among the above requirements, the amount invested is the main one. Because the greater your investment in XP, in fixed or variable income, the greater the chance of approval.

What is ShellBox?

Shell Box is a free application that was created by the Shell gas station network to provide an opportunity to refuel in large quantities. In it, you can pay for fuel directly from your cell phone without having to use a credit card, cash or any other form of payment.

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