What are the best credit cards for microentrepreneurs?

What are the best credit cards for microentrepreneurs!

Regarding credit cards for MEI (individual microentrepreneurs) it is different from cards for individuals. If you are not available with a credit name because, being MEI, you can request your CNPJ to be up to date).


Quais os melhores cartões de crédito para o microempreendedor

There are many excellent options to help MEI. According to the Federal Government, Brazil had already passed the mark of 10 million MEIs opened in 2020. So, this shows that many people formalizing their business, so that they can better conserve their company

What is a credit card for MEI?

Credit cards for MEI (individual microentrepreneurs) are different from cards for individuals. If you do not have a credit name because as MEI you can request that your CNPJ be updated).

 There are many great ways to support MEI. According to the federal government, Brazil has already surpassed the mark of 10 million MEIs opened in 2020. So does this show that many people are formalizing their businesses to better obtain their MEI business?

If you are a micro-entrepreneur, it is important to understand that there is a need to reduce your micro-enterprise’s expenses separately. So, if you want to use credit, the ideal is to use MEI cards only for business purposes. These plans are intended to meet the company’s intentions, such as: B. Paying debts and covering organizational costs.

 Credit Cards for MEI

Check out the top five credit cards for MEI below and see which one suits you best.

MEI Credit Card Cashier

  • Personal account separate from the business;
  • Employee autonomy in the use of the card;
  • Different limits for each cardholder;
  • Monitor expenses per invoice; Card brands: Visa, MasterCard and Elo;
  • Caixa Empresarial Points Program.
  • MEI Nubank credit card
  • No maintenance fees;
  • Control of both accounts (physical or business) through the application;
  • Unlimited and free transfers to other banks;
  • Send payment link;* 100014*Generate PDF and OFX statements of taxes and receipts;
  • Create Direct Debit Slip. MEI Inter Credit Card Free Annuity;
  • Free Teds Free: up to 100;
  • Deposits by Boleto: up to 100;
  • Boleto Payments ;
  • Debit and credit card machines;
  • Interpag: Receipts and receipts in the app via QR code;
  • Program transfers;
  • Verification of deposits by image.

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