Coins that have lost the most value in recent years

We recently faced a catastrophic crisis on a global level, of course we are talking about the pandemic. At the end of 2019, the first signs of the new disease that had emerged in the world and of course, all countries were on the lookout to try to chart the course of their respective nations.

Part of their value, thus bringing great instability to the countries that use them, thus making their exchange, which is usually pegged to the US Dollar, quite difficult. Today we will talk about the 3 currencies that lost a lot of market value starting with the Chilean Peso.

Chilean Peso

The pandemic only worsened the situation in Chile, which had been alarming for many years. With constant declines year after year, the country has suffered from the fall of its main currency since 2008.

With the presidential elections that took place last year, the currency had its historic fall recorded reaching only 0.0013 USD. Apparently things are calming down in the country, but it’s not enough to rescue more than a decade of decline.

In 2022, the currency rose more than 40% and even so the Chilean peso secured third place on this list of devaluation.


Now, going to the other side of the world, Asia is not free from world pressures, and one of its biggest representatives, Japan, had its currency super devalued in the last year, due to the war in Ukraine and a possible increase in US bank rates on currency, reflected in a large loss of value against the USD.

As a result, the Japanese Yen was quoted at a much lower cost than usual, reaching a minimum price of 0.0081 USD. In response to all this, the government passes on the information that this is a “purposeful devaluation” to benefit low-income families in this difficult time that is plaguing the whole world.


And finally on this list we have our best known, neighbors of America, the Brazilian Real. Unfortunately this is our second representative in South America on this short list, and believe me, if the list were a little longer we would have many other South American countries on it.

Some time ago, after the reformulation of its economy and the birth of its hitherto new currency, the Brasileito Real came to be quoted from 1 to 1 with the American Dollar, years passed and the currency in the second decade of the century is no longer the same.

Reaching less than 20 cents of the dollar today, the Real has suffered a lot due to hyperinflation in the country and irresponsible and corrupt governments in recent decades, all this irresponsibility together with government corruption and impunity for the corrupt ensure that the Real Braslieito occupies the top of the list of coins that lost the most value in the whole world.

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