How to get the Itaucard Click Credit Card | Order yours now!!

Itaucard Click  is the credit card issued by Banco Itaú, the card has the Visa and MasterCard brands. That’s right, the two flags, and even better you can choose the flag you want.



ItauCard Click
ItauCard Click

We compared the ItauCard Click Card with the BMG Credit Card. If you want to know how it works, click the “CLICK HERE” button and check the details.

To obtain this card, Banco Itaú requires a minimum income of R$800.00, without the need to open an account at Banco Itaú to obtain the card. And it’s an international card, you can use it outside Brazil, wherever the Itaú card is accepted.

Advantages of the Itaucard Click card

The card has several advantages of the Platinum card, see:

  • It has the Vai de Visa program;
  • Contactless technology, which means payment by proximity;
  • And you can also increase your limit;
  • from the 3rd month your limit can be increased
  • so just use the card every month and pay your bills on time
  • The card has “Tag Itaú”, no monthly fee forever
  • It has an application that gives you the ability to track your spending in real time
  • view your balance, pay bills and much more.
  • You have the option to create a virtual card, Offers discounts on Bike Itaú plans

What is Itaú Tag?

Returning to the “Tag Itaú”, for those who don’t know, it is a sticker that can be used to pay tolls and parking, and even more, there is no monthly fee for this. It is also a sticker stuck on the windshield of your car to avoid queues, contact with money.

You can use it on all accepted toll roads in Brazil, car parks, airports, hospitals and shops and much more.

Card benefits

  • The card has no annual fee, It has a limit of up to R$10,000.
  • How to apply for the Itaucard Click
  • credit card
  • You can request the card on the Itaú website, and here’s how to apply.
  • Remember that you will have a credit review.
  • Finally, order your card and enjoy
ItauCard Click

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