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Do you know the Tent Beach credit card? It is a Visa card and international coverage by Credz finance. I will explain how it works and the benefits and how to order the card.

About financial credit. This finance company has partnerships with several stores spread throughout Brazil. There are more than 50 credit cards and it also offers the complete digital account for free where it offers:

  • Pixels
  • Credit Cards
  • negotiate your debt
  • bill payment
  • insurancwe
  • loyalty programs
  • charge
  • limit increase

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Benefits of the Tent Beach Credit Card

cartão de crédito Tent Beach visa cartão

tent beach visa credit card

  • Loyalty points: with each purchase you make of products or products;

  • Full APP: digital account, pix and others;

  • Discounts at 16 thousand pharmacies;

  • Clube credz: offers, leisure, restaurants, products and services;

  • Protection for family and health at an affordable price;

  • The Card is accepted worldwide;

  • Flag Visa;
  • Payment by approximation of interest;
  • You can withdraw cash at cashiers 24 hours a day;
  • Annuity exempt in the month that you do not use the credit card;

  • 3 credit limit options: Cash, installments or turbocharged.

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