digital bank Nomad receives investment of $160 million.

Digital bank Nomad: Nomad is a Fintech Startup that will bring you a novelty in the world market: international dollar accounts, which you can operate from Brazil without difficulty.

Let’s go more about this a and show why Nomaporte against a little more, and instead of allowing and entering that it is growing and worrying about the initialization, come to appear.

In addition, we will show you how advantages an international account brings you.

Why is Nomad different from other Startups?

As we are now, Nomad is against other startups, because at a time when there is a constant movement of startups at this moment making mass layoffs and making it clear that they are in retraction, it continues to grow, and will grow even more after this new contribution .

R$ 160 million in investment will not generate, as in other cases, artificial and unsustainable growth. The reason pointed to a specific situation, which could not be another fintech product: the international one in dollars, which has become international once again in the current trade and other very interesting issues.

Whether to protect your investments with a stronger currency or to facilitate international purchases and international receipts in, accounts of this type have become an increasingly interesting reality for all people who want a type of relationship or want a good type of investment. conservative, as holding and holding dollars has been one of the most common investment strategies.

The new round of investments in the company led by the North American fund Stripes, with the participation of Spark Capital, monashees, Propel, Globo Ventures and Abstract. The company raised more than R$1 billion in funding.

Nomad digital bank and a digital account for everyone?

Nomad’s account is working in dollars, that is, it is not efficient for payments, with little interest in real on a daily basis, so on international sites, you don’t earn money from abroad, if you have an account like that.

The advantage of having a Nomad account, in this specific case, ends up being a possibility to save investments in dollars. Did you like to know more about this novelty from the Nomad digital bank? Stay tuned, as our blog will also activate earnings for fintech market news and other ways for you to maximize your earnings!

Startup banco digital Nômade
Startup banco digital Nômade

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