International Digital Bank Girabank hits 2 million hits

Girabank and Carlinhos Maia’s new digital bank, which promises many benefits and advantages. On 10/06/2022 Carlinhos Maia released a trailer on his Instagram account about Girabank, the video already has millions of views. More than 2 million hits were made on Girabank’s official website in just 2 hours.

After the official trailer on Carlinhos’s page. In the trailer he warns that the bank will not focus on people’s true income, because wealth is in every human being. He promises to help people who have dreams and believes in their talent.

What does Girabank offer?

About Girabank digital bank of Carlinhos maia It will offer some services such as:

  • free digital account;

  • Mastercard card sweepstakes;

  • Accident insurance for BRL 9.90;

  • Personal credit;

  • Image receiver payment cell phone recharge

More details about Girabank and of course, you can find it by CLICKING HERE.

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