How to Cancel Itaú Account Using the App Very Easy

See how to cancel your Itaú account order step by step. You will see how quickly and easily your Itaú account works online.

It’s true, you won’t need to leave your house to go to a branch just to close your Itaú account, you can cancel your Itaú account through the application.

Familiarize yourself with the first steps you need to take before closing your Itaú account.

1 – You must not have money in your Itaú bank account, you need to withdraw this money, you can put it in another account or withdraw it from an ATM.

2- You cannot have a debt to the bank, you have to pay the debt first, in this way the bank will suspect that you are evading its responsibilities.

3- Your credit card will be linked to an itaucard account, cancellation and anything else. You cannot have an account open on your card; you must pay it before closing your itaú account.

4 – You must access your itaú account through the APP, it is not possible without this, it is very easy to do, just call the bank so that they can access your online access in the Itaú application.

Now, with these tips, you can start closing your Itaú account online. See how simple and practical it is.

How to close my Itaú account

1 – Go to the Itaú application and enter your account.

aplicativo itau mobile


2 – On your account home screen, click the down arrow next to your name.

veja como encerrar a conta no itau

3 – Now you go to the option my account, when opening it will show more options.

encerrando minha conta itau pelo celular
minha conta

4 – The final account option will appear, click there.

encerrando conta no itau pelo app
encerramento de conta itaú

5 – It will ask for your password, and from there you follow the step by step which is very simple.




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