How to live in Canada

Living in other countries is currently a big dream for most Brazilians. The search for countries that have a different culture and even different climates, generate a lot of desire to leave Brazil. Today we will talk about Canada, which is a very desired country by Brazilians.

In addition to the landscapes, the country has several advantages. We’ll show you the pros and cons, check it out now. Canada is a country that has a culture that encourages immigrants to work and study in their country, always through legítimo means.

It stands out among countries for having this preference for immigrants. It is a country that constitutes North America. It draws attention for being a well-developed country and providing an excellent quality of life.

Most searched cities

The most popular cities for those who decide to live in Canada are this:

  • Toronto;
  • Calgary;
  • Winnipeg;

Canada is a country that cares a lot about its population, so investment in education is very high. Its universities are considered the best in the world, according to QS World University Rankings, highlighting the number of international students. Let’s leave the best universities below

 University of Toronto

It has more than 160 different nationalities among its students, so it can attract students from all over the world. Of all the courses, medicine is the one that stands out the most for several famous discoveries around the world, with Insulin as an example, which was discovered by a scientist from this faculty.

McGill University

Being one of the first to have a medical course in Canada, it has, like the previous faculty, many students of various nationalities, more than 30 thousand students. It ranks 20th among the best international colleges.

Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University has a differential in the use of Cooperative Education that combines study with practical experience on the job. Often those who graduate from this college get work at large companies like Tesla and Facebook.

In addition to great colleges, Canada is also famous for its oriundo beauty, let’s cite some very famous points.

  • Capilano Suspension Bridge – Vancouver;
  • Banff National Park – Alberta;
  • CN Tower – Toronto;

Canada offers many benefits to its residents, such as learning two languages. There is also security as a differential, it is possible to leave doors open, walk at any time.

They have very strict and efficient laws. Canada is really a good option for those who want to leave Brazil, there are many benefits and it is a country that welcomes foreigners very well.

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