How to live in Italy?

It is very common to see beautiful countries on television, in magazines, and this awakens the desire to visit other countries, and even leave Brazil to live abroad. A country much desired by Brazilians is Italy.

It is the dream of many people to move there, but there are many doubts about how the housing works, style and cost of living.

Today we are going to remove all these doubts and show you the benefits of living in Italy. Check it out below. First of all, to live in Italy, you need a residence visa, and when you arrive in the country, you need to take out the Permesso di soggiorno, which is the document necessary for foreigners to stay in Italy while waiting for the citizenship process after 90 days.

What do you need to be accepted?

To be accepted, the Italian government asks that foreign citizens fit into these categories:

  • Study;
  • Job;
  • Investment;
  • Retired;

Below we will leave what must be done to go to Italy.

  1. Apply for a visa at the Italian consulate or embassy right here in Brazil.
  2. Present the visa.
  3. Income tax.
  4. Prove the real need to be getting the visa.
  5. Payment of the fee.

To apply for the Permesso di Soggiorno, you must go to the post office and pick up the giallo kit. This will have to be done after being on Italian soil, this way it becomes the last step to live in Italy.

I got everything, what do I do now?

When you have the giallo kit, you must fill in the application form and deliver the following documents:

  • Original passport
  • Copy of the passport and of the page containing the stamp of entry into the country and the visa;
  • Receipt of payment.
  • Proof of the reason for being there.
  • 4 photos.
  • Proof of residence.

Being in Italy for the Brazilian can be a little different. This is because it is a country that has a slow pace compared to the hustle found in large Brazilian cities. Something that’s not bad, just culturally different.

The cost of living is not that high, this is of course outside the city of the historic center, rent for example becomes proportional to salary and cost of living. Food also because it has a great incentive to agriculture becomes an advantage because it has a very low cost.

The health area is very similar to that of Brazil. It has the public system, being necessary to look for a health agency that gives access to the Italian health system, or in a private way paying the desired doctor or hospital. It is a beautiful country, which has its own routine, but with many similarities to Brazil in some systems. Therefore, it is very easy for a Brazilian to adapt to this country.

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