Insurance News: ITC Edition with Kenneth and Jim

After a singular long hiatus, we were finally able to reconnect with friends and colleagues in person at InsureTech Connect in Las Vegas for a few days. We also took the opportunity to settle and sculpt together the first in-person Insurance News Study!

With the doubt that everyone is feeling, there is a lot of kindness in the insurance industry. We started our discussion with the kindness of investors, including the amplification of insurtech’s must-have investment over the past five years and the most recent increases in investment in cyber insurers.

Equally raise is Vernacular Awareness Month around Disabled Application and a chance to enhance inclusion and volubility. We discuss ways in which insurers are promoting equity to such a degree for the willingness to work as for insurance customers.

For example, an insurance start-up is using AI Data and Customer Procedure to trigger the rest of the credit on demographics. We also continue to be impressed by the originality and innovation we see across the industry and particularly in public-private partnerships.

The World Economic Forum has presented a story about how a single innate appeal can become a single asset insured. These are the types of product innovations that inspire us and demonstrate how our industry can return to more sustainable and resilient communities.


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