Know the currencies of the metaverse

Hubii Network is taking advantage of the market slump to position itself as one of the leading blockchain platforms. Hubbi, which aims to provide solutions for small-scale markets, faces increasingly fierce competition.

The company, which is the result of the merger of Sweatcoin and Token Agency, has already established itself as one of the leading blockchainchain platforms for gaming. The company has also positioned itself as a leader in the metaverse industry.

Hubii’s goal is to simplify the creation of marketplaces for games and the mertaverse. It also allows the creation of virtual markets.

What is metaverse?

The metaverse is a concept that was introduced by the American philosopher Robert Nozick in his book “Anarchy, State, and Utopia”. Nozick suggests that reality is made up of several “parallel universes” or “metaverses”, each with its own rules and laws.

Companies that invest in “Metaverse”

  • Microsoft;
  • Decentralnd;
  • Google;

Understand some of these companies.


Microsoft has already announced the launch of the Azure platform for virtual environments, a new cloud service that promises to make it easier for companies to create their virtual environments.

With this platform companies can create virtual environments for training, learning, testing and other purposes, based on their specific needs, and the platform offers a variety of tools to help technology professionals create and manage these virtual environments.


As Desentraland is a blockchain-based platform, it uses a native currency, called MANA. With Decentraland, you can buy, sell and create content, all through a fully decentralized economy system.

Decentraland is fast becoming the virtual economy platform for the cryptocurrency community. It is very popular among cryptocurrency players as it offers him the opportunity to earn real money from his games.


Google is buying XRSpace for around $10M, XRSoace is an augmented reality technology company that has developed an AR device called the Mova.

The move is a kind of cardboard box-style AR headset that can be used to view and interact with AR applications.


Omniverse is a software and hardware platform that aims to enable developers to create virtual and augmented reality experiences more efficiently.

The Omniverser’s 3D technology is based on a cloud system called Nvidia RTX and uses the Nvidia Turing processor architecture to render graphics in real time.

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