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Do dedo marketing is something that is constantly growing and that with each passing day becomes essential for online business. But terms are usually used that are not always easy to decipher and most of the time it brings a lot of doubt.

With that in mind, we are going to bring you the most used and necessary words for those who start their career in Do dedo Marketing. These words will also be very useful for you to use the tools correctly and get good returns.

So, I invite you to stay with me until the end of this article to know the correct meaning of each of these super necessary words.


This is one of the most profitable aspects of Do dedo Marketing and also a cheap way to open your virtual business. So, affiliates are people who sell a certain service or product from a third party over the internet.

But, as we said before, this is one of the best ways to invest and get a great financial return with the internet. So, if you have any questions about this topic, we have a perfect series on that.


These are the so-called indicators, and they aim to show you the results that your traffic has been able to achieve. So, knowing analytics well is essential for your virtual business.


This is the term used when we are relating our sales to the famous advertisements. ADS is used to make your page visible on the internet or social networks.

So, using ADS to your advantage is essential for you to be seen and get a lot of profit and many customers on the internet.


Another term linked directly to ads. The difference is that adsense is an ad intended for a specific customer. So, with adsense you can target who you want to receive and learn more about your business.


This is a tool that is very important when making a decision or putting an idea into practice. In a loose translation, brainstorming means “brainstorming”. So, whenever you make a decision, put all the ideas on paper and choose the ones that make the most sense.

Organic traffic

These are accesses made to your store without you having to pay to be advertised. So, if you want to increase your organic traffic, ask friends and family to spread the word about your brand on social media. So, with this glossary you will get even more amazing results for your virtual business.

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