NFT 2022: Could Axie Infinity be at an end or can it still rise again?

Well as most people who know NFTs games know that their futures within the game can be very promising, but it can also be very frustrating. As with many cryptocurrencies, however, the drop is expected with market uncertainty surrounding any cryptocurrency that is delivered.

As axie was no different, the game had a currency which the name was AXS, is an open source decentralized blockchain currency, which is based on the ETh platform, and is also available as an ERC20 token. The project is a game economy and blockchain ecosystem created by Axie Infinity co-founder and CEO Simon Lu.

The project started in 2018 and aimed to create a blockchan game economy ecosystem that allows players to create, buy, and seal, collect or raise their own Axie pets.

Token ERC20:

An ERC-20 token is a type of token that follows the stardart token, a standard token interface within the Ethereum Blockchain. ERC-20 is a set of rules that tokens within ETH must follow, which makes them interchangeable with each other.

Well, what the people who invested in AXIe and bought their pets believe they hope to improve the economy, but as not everything is flowers, among the biggest competitors Big Eyes hope to stand out with a unified game environment, together with an economy system more innovative and improved.

Well nowadays there are several games or as we can call it, cryptocurrencies or even investments because if studied and used in the best way it can generate profit and very high by the way, great investors who managed to grow with infinite axie was not little, the biggest depression was that such a fun game that you can profit from is dead.

It’s like we already know the main task of any user when choosing which platform to make or buy, first they have to analyze the market, and keep in mind that blockchain technology is extremely dynamic and sometimes the market can fluctuate in a few minutes. Especially when it comes to new releases.

So, when choosing a platform, you need to pay close attention to its features, the technology used and the currencies that are accepted, so invest wisely and leave when everything is going downhill, before it’s too late.

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