NFT:art can we say it’s replacing paintings in frames?

An NFT art, is a cryptocurrency that represents a single do dedo asset and cannot be divided. This means that an nft cannot be exchanged for another cryptocurrency or asset. Instead, each NFT is a unique do dedo asset that can be bought, sold or exchanged for other do dedo assets or products.

We can say that with the advancement of technology and as time goes by, things are always improving, of course without taking the merit of extraordinary painters who have passed through this world, more nowadays people buy digitalized art that are also unique as famous paintings already painted by painters like Picasso.

However, it can be marketed, exchanged or even collected, such as Neymar Jr who bought his Bored Ape for R$ 6 million dollars. Although the crypto market and NFts are quite high and low, the price of this art has dropped and is currently costing R$ 1 million reais, in much less than what was paid, but it is still very dear to some people, and even giving benefits to those who have some of the arts from the Bored collections only.

NFT:art can we say it's replacing paintings in frames?

Bored ape Yancht Club

Each token contains a link to the online game, which users can interact with each other. The games are created specifically for collection and are only available to the owners of the token, in addition to functioning as a club membership card, it grants exclusive benefits to those who are part of that collection.

Thus being able to have exclusive access to parties or even tickets to places available only to these members. Each Bored is unique and when generated it can come out with several types of possible characteristics such as clothes, gestures, hats and much more, all monkeys are narcotics, but there are some that are rarer than others.

Well, that’s not all, we also have several other collections around the world and today, and you can also become a great creator of your own arts, you just need to understand a little of this market, have the talent of a painter and creativity, today the world is full of new ways to pursue a dream, and Nft art can transform a lot of people’s lives.

Remembering that you can’t just print the do dedo art and try to sell it for do dedo theft is a violação, stay tuned for copies and don’t fall into a hole.


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