PSA: Activate your 5% bonus categories for the forth quarter of 2022 presently!


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Several trust cards offer 5% cashback in categories that change every quarter (three months). If you Chase Freedom Flex (CFF) (or The Crushed Pursuit of Freedom), Discover It, Dividend City, or US Bank Cash Plus cardholder, use the links below to activate your bonus categories listed below:

Chase Freedom has a unique quarterly spend target of $1,500 at 5 levels per count.

2. Discover it: Grocery store, high school and high school

Discover that it has a unique quarterly spending target of $1,500 at the 5% level, which is available at the opening of each social year. remember this all new Discover it cardholders will receive double the profits generated in the first 12 months of card membership, including cashback profit in bonus categories, Stretch category quarterly expenses by 10% for the year ahead!

Citi dividends return 5% in cash to an accrued expense of $6,000 per year, in lieu of an expense of $1,500 per quarter. Citi Dividend is never available for registration anymore. Unfortunately, as of September 2019, Citi has also removed the selection to modify the result for dividends, however old accounts were never closed with the bank.

(Categories for the forthcoming quarter of 2022 are being specified)

The US Bank Cash+ Card allows you to receive 5% cashback in two categories of your choice each quarter, up to $2,000 in accrued expenses. It also allows you to select the 2% refund class each quarter. The illustration below proves which categories are available for refund at 5% (high) and 2% (below).

Appendix: Historical Categories 5% over the years

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