The Amazing Universe of Bitcoins

With the world undergoing major changes due to the industrial revolution, staying on top of everything that covers this environment is something necessary to keep up with the news.

In this do dedo world, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin stand out in the financial market, and their main feature, open source decentralization, that is, payments in online transactions can be made without the need for a centralized company, quickly and safely.

The Amazing Universe of Bitcoins

Which is?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency designed by Satoshi Nakamoto, which works like paper money, the difference is that this cryptocurrency can only be used virtually, made by codes, that is, cryptography, consisting of a set of techniques and Principles.

This encryption prevents fraud and cloning, a safe way to protect customer information. A do dedo technology that focuses on making electronic payments easier and more efficient.

Another feature of Bitcoin is its access, which can be done by people in different parts of the world, in addition to containing unlimited transfers.

Bitcoin virtual money, in practice, works with a kind of P2P (peer to peer), that is, payment traffic, without the need for an intermediate medial server. P2P dispenses with transaction costs and does not require a mediating financial institution. Consequently, transactions are fast and cost-effective, due to the simpler cryptocurrency transaction process.

How to start?

The first step to enter the trading and investment business of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is to register on an exchange platform, or do dedo wallets.

They all work online through the purchase of Bitcoin. After registering, the user can make his purchase directly through the platform. The minimum Bitcoin purchase amount can be in the range of R$ 50.00, according to the preferred exchange and/or broker.

Mercado Bitcoin, Binance, NovaDAX, BitcoinTrade and Foxbit are some exchanges that operate in Brazil selling cryptocurrencies.

But is Bitcoin safe?

The answer is quite simple, Bitcoin’s cryptography is the main element that makes it secure. With a very high level of complexity, it would take $480,000 an hour for 300 years for someone to be able to hack Bitcoin’s cryptocurrency.

Blockchain, Bitcoin’s system, has a very low chance of being breached, because it contains unique codes and has machinery that cannot be reached by existing processors.

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