The best coins to invest in 2022

We are in a very strange year when we talk about the financial market and also investments. I say this because the recent health crises and the war between Russia and Ukraine have had major impacts on cryptocurrencies.

So, several investors and scholars in the investment universe began to look more closely at other cryptocurrencies. With that, we obviously had very interesting growth in several other currencies that were previously seen as transition currencies.

And recently, we started talking a little bit about these coins that have been very promising for investors in 2022. And today, we are going to continue talking about some more coins that have appeared on the market and presented great numbers and high profit rates.

So, I invite you to stay with me until the end of this article to stay on top of everything about these promising cryptocurrencies. But, I can tell you that we have a very vast content about the incredible cryptocurrency market and also, what are these virtual currencies and how do they arise.

So, if you don’t know the market, I recommend you take a look at this content that will be very important for your investment success. So, having said that, let’s now talk about the most promising cryptocurrencies to invest in in 2022.


Since it appeared on the market, Solana has always shown great numbers, as well as high profitable rates for its investors. So, it quickly entered the radar of big investors and is today one of the fastest growing currencies on the market.

But lately she has figured these stats even more because of her new update that made her even more interesting. So, we can say that today, Solana is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies for you to invest in this second half of 2022.


So, continuing to talk about coins that have only appreciated in recent years, here we have the already very popular Cardano. Since it appeared on the blockchain, it has already shown great ease in growing in the investment market.

So, today Cardano is already a great reality in the market, and as time goes by, it becomes very popular among novice investors. But the big trend is that in the coming years, it will become even stronger in the market and come to compete with Ethereum and Bitcoin. So, here we have the one that comes stronger as a future world currency and dominant in the market.

That said, we have in Solana and Cardano two promises of growth and profitability in the financial market of virtual currencies in 2022.

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