The challenges of working from home

Since the pandemic, something that has grown and has been growing a lot these days is the Home Office. This new type of work has become a great option for companies not to lose their work rhythm. In addition, it was an excellent way to reduce food and energy costs, and focus all investment on production.

So, working from home is now an accepted category, which is even part of several startups and also of large companies that have opted for this segment. But working from home is not at all a bed of roses and there are some challenges to overcome.

And today, let’s talk a little about what are the main challenges of working from home. And soon, we’ll bring you some tips on how to overcome such things.

Environment with lots of distractions

Perhaps, this is one of the main challenges of those who work remotely. That’s because there are more distractions, your hobbies are all close to you, as well as things to have fun with.

Not to mention that as we are at home, it is normal for our family members to bring up an issue, we waste time with homework, etc. That is, the possibility of having fun is immense.

Lack of social contact

Despite being at home, the lack of social contact is a reason that sometimes makes the home office demotivating. This is because socialization is lacking, and often when we need to solve something related to work, communication is very difficult.

Free time and work time

Another very important challenge in the home office. It is very normal that free time and work time get confused, precisely because we are at home, and the tendency is to want to rest when in fact we should work.

In addition, many companies end up taking advantage of the fact that their employee is at home, and does not apply regular business hours. And with that, it ends up causing this employee to work extra hours, and even invade this employee’s night.

Smaller results

Because of all these distractions, both productivity is lower, as is the visibility of your indicators. Feedback is more complicated to happen, and with that, the employee ends up being kind of in the dark about his productivity.

Customer service

With all these factors that we mentioned above, customer service ends up being drastically affected. That’s because, as we are at home, we have external noises, sounds of conversations and we can’t serve customers properly.

And as we have seen, all of this greatly hinders the productivity of any worker at home office, and soon, we will bring solutions for each of them.

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