Is the retiree obliged to declare the tax?

Is the retiree obliged to declare the tax?

O aposentado é obrigado a declarar o imposto

Yea! Those who are retired must declare Income Tax (IR) if they meet the same prerequisites common to all taxpayers. And just like everyone else, those who need to declare and not do the same as a Brazilian can commit the crime of tax evasion.

If receipts for pensions and pensions are offered, a declaration of total value of 28,59.70 must be made. In short, this is the ceiling that is used as a cut to know who needs to declare income tax or not. Below, check out the details.

1º –Property for lease

You have a property for rent and the rent amount together with the INSS benefit, If the person’s ceiling, Income Tax is mandatory.

2º –Do you have assets? Declaration is needed

In short, if the retiree or pensioner has assets that cost more than BRL 300,000, he must also declare the Income Tax. This group includes bank investments, own car, own house, and others.

Until when does the retiree have to declare the RI?

In addition, the period to declare the Income Tax started on March 7th. Therefore, all taxpayers who are Individuals must submit the declaration by April 29, at 11:59 pm.

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