Wedbush arrives at the bank with Sofia shares


Since many of its peers in the fintech sector, Sofia Technologies (SOFIA) shares have dropped in recent months. That all changed on Wednesday, however, after the Office of the Comptroller of the Money awarded the company a long-awaited US banking epistle.

A very early rush in print could help kick off the turnaround, and Wedbush’s David Chiaverini believes the final stall to become a bank should “spur the development of earnings.” However, this is never the only thing the bank thug is aiming for.

“The company is a one-stop shop for financial deals, and that’s a significant competitive superiority over neobank’s competitors, which tend to converge on niche offerings at the turn of the full financial panel,” said the 5-star commentator.

SoFi is also positioned to plead with traditional consumer loan providers thanks to its “optimized product gifting”, while the younger age group is also more likely to be attracted to the company than traditional banks that are considered legacy. . never friendly, and given that their business segments often “operate in isolation”, there is often “friction” in the cross-selling method.

In contrast, SoFi has a competitive superiority with its integrated Galileo technology platform, which provides a “perfect cross-obtaining rehearsal for a younger bunch of toes”.

Whats is this SoFi

So, the company is growing at a fast pace and is expected to continue to do so. In Q4 2021, the number of participants crossed the threshold of 3 million people, which is significantly high from 1.7 million a year ago and quite high from 1 million two years ago.

Likewise, the recipe’s development was impressive; with $600 million last year and $450 million last year, the company achieved nearly $1 billion in revenue in fiscal 2021. While SoFi has a five-year term that Chiaverini believes is “largely optimistic”. (the 2025 forecast is $3.7 billion in conference with Chiaverini’s estimate of $2.9 billion).

So the commentator still expects the CAGR to be 28% over the next five years. years, “a fabulous level of development” that should lead the company to create US$ 3.5 billion in revenue by 2026.

Thus, Chiaverini initiated the safe haven of SOFI shares with a rating of “high performance” (i.e., “obtain”) and a target price of $20. commentator to materialize in the next 12 months.

(To witness Chiaverini’s history, click here) Overall, SOFI has recently received a total of 10 analyst reviews, including 7 “acquire” and 3 “sustain” for Street’s “Moderate Get” consensus rating. SOFI shares are valued at $13.71 with a median price target of $21.40, giving the stock the potential to appreciate 56% in one year. (See SOFI stock prophecy at TipRanks)



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