What China has done in the electronics business is impressive. These graphics say it all… Extraordinary.


O que a China fez no comércio eletrônico é impressionante. Esses gráficos dizem tudo... Incrível.

China is vast and is growing at a single pace unprecedented for a single region of its volume. But it’s been going on for three decades, so you’d think you’re oblivious to huge numbers, surprisingly fast development rates, bloated companies, huge projects, and so on. to embrace your mind on things you haven’t seen before.

The question is, which two infographics do you see below. The first one is produced by Alibaba, it’s the only inordinate (I know, I speak this word well today) e-commerce conglomerate that will soon have the only IPO in the US that should be bigger than Facebook’s. Another timeline comes to us through the search lab, a search marketing company.

What is the volume of China’s payments industry?

Supported, here are the graphics, they speak for themselves:

1. Photography from Chinese online shoppers.

Qual é o tamanho da indústria de pagamentos da China?


2. Learn more about the profile of Chinese online shoppers and the volume of the region’s e-commerce market.

Qual é o tamanho da indústria de pagamentos da China?



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